ISACA LA Spring Conference 2018 HANDOUTS
April 14 to April 18, 2018 – HILTON UNIVERSAL CITY
Conference Theme: ISACA LA On Technology (IOT): Risks and Challenges

Pre-conference workshop handouts will NOT be handed out in class. They will be posted here online for download and available for you to print as desired. Pre-conference workshop handouts are only available for those who signed up for their specific workshop. Updates will be posted as presentations are received.

Please follow up with the speaker if you do not see their presentation here.

Recent Updates:

4/19/2018 3:58pm – Added T5
4/18/2018 11:20am – Added C4 and L12
4/17/2018 12:10am – Added G10, WS4_PII, and WS4_18
4/16/2018 2:36am – Added G3 and G6
4/15/2018 12:01am – Added L11
4/13/2018 8:39pm – Added L7
4/13/2018 10:32am – Added T4
4/12/2018 8:49pm – Added WS1
4/12/2018 8:04pm – Added L8

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Pre-Conference Workshops
Download Slides
Laptop Instructions
WS1  Super Heroes and Super Villains – A Hands-on Introduction to Red Teams and Blue Teams
Download Slides
WS2 Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Download Slides
WS4 How to Audit Security and Privacy Controls

Note: Only registered attendees for the respective workshops will have access to the above materials

General Session
KN Keynote: Leveraging Technology in the Age of Accelerating Change
KNP Keynote Panel: “Leveraging Technology in the Age of Accelerating Change
Accelerating Your Fundamentals
Download Slides C1 Fundamentals of Auditing The Cloud
Download Slides C2 IT Audit Fundamentals Workshop
Download Slides
C3 Fundamentals of Data Management: Privacy and Information Security
Download Slides C4 The SOX Audit Survival Guide for Internal Teams
Download Slides C5 GDPR Security Processing Risks and Controls
Download Slides C6 Establishing Risk, Threat, and Impact Consistently
Cybersecurity Nexus
Download Slides S1 Why Companies Fail PCI DSS Assessments
Download Slides S2 How to Conduct a GDPR Compliant Data Protection Impact Assessment
Download Slides S3 Secure Your Enterprise: Effective Endpoint Management
Download Slides S4 How Hackers Break in to Mainframes and How You Can Stop Them
Download Slides S5 Al for Cyber Defense: The Shift to Self -Learning, Self -Defending Networks
Download Slides S6 Network 3. 0: Networking of only Trusted Identities
Download Slides S7 Moving out of the Datacenter What You Need to Know Prior to Deploying into the Cloud
Download Slides S8 DLP Risks in the Cloud
Download Slides S9 Breaking the Binary Chains of Securing Employee Personal Web Access
Download Slides S10 Defending Against Data Beaches: Internal Controls for Cybersecurity
Download Slides S11 Incident Response Front Line Scary Stories
Download Slides S12 Shifting to the Offensive: Enabling your Teams for Cyber Threat Hunting
Disruptive Technologies
Download Slides T1 Behavioral Intrusion Detection at Scale: Case Studies in Machine Learning
Download Slides T2 IOT and Third Party Risks
Download Slides T3 My Doll Told You What? An Introduction to IoT Threats and Controls
Download Slides T4 Next Generation Threats – IoT, Drones, Robots and Autonomous Systems
Download Slides T5 Blockchain: Everything you Know about Data is about to Change
Download Slides T6 Delivering Disruptive Innovation Using the COBIT 5 Framework
Download Slides T7 Adapting to Disruptive Technology
Download Slides T8 IOT Security Risks Panel
Download Slides T9 DevSecOps — Bringing Security — the Missing Link in Delivering Business Velocity and Quality to DevOps
Download Slides T10 Digital Disruption: The role of Information Security & IT Governance
Download Slides T11 Overview of Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger Technology
Download Slides T12 Disruptive Technologies in Critical Infrastructure with iOT


IT Audit and GRC
Download Slides G1 Social Media Risks and Audit Considerations
Download Slides G2 County of Orange’s GRC Implementation: Risks and Challenges
Download Slides G3 Better IT Risk & Auditing through a Better Maturity Model
Download Slides G4 Audit Engagement for System Implementations
Download Slides G5 Providing Assurance over the Internet of Things
Download Slides G6 IT Governance, Risk, and Cyber Security Organizational Design
Download Slides G7 Auditing in the World of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Download Slides G8 How to Leverage a Risk -Based Approach in Managing Compliance
Download Slides G9 Accelerating Risk and Compliance Performance
Download Slides G10 Intelligent Automation Takes Flight: Risk and Governance
Download Slides G11 Internal Audit Risk Assessments meet Digital
Cancelled G12 Privacy GRC


Leadership Issues
Download Slides L1 Security Leadership Panel – IOT and Convergence of Networks
Download Slides L2 The Need for Robotic Standards: Control and Audit
Download Slides L3 Navigating the Path to Leadership (and surviving the bumps and bruises along the way…)
Download Slides L4 High Tech Cyber Crime Case Studies
Download Slides L5 Fundamentals of Corporate Culture Auditing
Download Slides L6 Panel – Emerging IT Audit Issues
Download Slides L7 Third Party Risk Management Trends
Download Slides L8 No Nonsense Rules to Drive Results in IT
Download Slides L9 Adding Technical Cyber Skills To Your Governance and Audit Teams
Download Slides L10 Multi -Tasking is a myth!
Download Slides L11 Improving the Practice of Internal Audit
Download Slides L12 Cybersecurity Demystified