Volunteer Opportunities

 Become a volunteer!

Become a Volunteer!

A chapter succeeds or fails in its mission to provide services to its members based on the effort of volunteer members. A dedicated leadership is critical, but to really grow at the pace necessary for our growth rate and chapter size, we need lots more help!

There are several reasons people don’t volunteer, most related to the shortage of time available. Yet not every assignment requires a year-long commitment to a leadership position or committee (though there’s always space available there too.) Some help can be given just one time, and can be relatively brief.

You can help with just a few minutes of your time to do one or more tasks. As work is distributed among more people, the load on everyone lightens. When you’re ready to help, call a chapter representative. Remember that the efforts of a few people benefit us all.


Volunteer Opportunities

Academic Relations
Act as a liaison with academic institutes. Coordinate the Best Paper Contest and Scholarship awards. Encourage student participation in chapter activities. 

Assist in finding speakers, sponsors, and vendors and in operations/ logistics, facilities, hospitality and marketing.

Determine membership seminar(topic) needs and obtain instructors. Provide planning and arrangements for chapter seminars.

Grow and retain membership, recruit new members, promote the benefits of ISACA and provide information about our services to perspective members. 

Assist in finding speakers for emerging topics for dinner meetings. Coordinate joint meetings with other professional associations. 

Meeting Arrangements
Assist in selecting menus, contacting restaurants and taking reservations.

Develop and execute chapter research projects and cooperate with the ISACA International Education Committee.

Encourage auditors to register prepare for the exam. Coordinate CISA® review program facilities and/or speakers. 

Promote the CISM® certification. Coordinate CISM® review program, assist in finding instructors and monitor the sessions.

Facilitate the use of technology to contribute to the chapter’s effectiveness and efficiency i.e. website, databases, tools. 

Assist in setting up and maintaining the audio/visual equipment for meetings and/or the conference. 

Greet members and help members and guests get acquainted and feel welcome.

Board/Officer roles
Have interest in committing to and developing into a chapter leadership position.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at the email address below and indicate what activity you are interested in: